Let’s Change the World

Our goal for Giving Day is to raise $15,000 and open one of our new titles to the world. Your contribution will realize that dream.


Give the gift of reliable knowledge to everyone.

Cornell University Press has been publishing high-quality scholarship since 1869–rigorously edited and voraciously read all over the world in print and digital form.

Your gift on Cornell Giving Day (March 14th) will allow us to continue our experimentation with open access and give back to the world. We already have 150 open titles being accessed across the globe in 150 countries by thousands of people. With your support we’ll make it 151.

A Cornell book stimulates thinking otherwise. The more of our books that we open to the world the more we can change it through that stimulated thinking.

Our books help effect positive change in the world. Deadly River from our ILR Press imprint exposed the UN’s role in the cover up of the cholera epidemic in Haiti. The award-winning Violence as a Generative Force brought an unknown genocide in Bosnia into the light of day.

We publish Cornell professors like Isabel Hull, Reyna Kalas, Harry Katz and Sam Bacharach, among many others. Our list includes books by Cornell graduate Suzanne Gordon who reveals why we should be concerned about the privatization of veteran’s healthcare in Wounds of War. We just published From Willard Straight to Wall Street by Tom Jones in advance of the 50th anniversary of the Straight takeover that details the author’s unwavering resolve from campus revolutionary to business leader. Hope and History by William vanden Heuvel, a Cornell Law graduate, chronicles an amazing journey across the landscape of American politics over the last 50 years.

We engage the community with books like Cornell ’77 about a historic Grateful Dead show at Barton Hall. Mack Travis’s Shaping a City tells the story of how Ithaca was developed. Forever Faithful celebrates the Cornell Hockey experience and Professor at Large provides a glimpse of John Cleese’s work as a visiting professor.

Advancing knowledge is not an inexpensive enterprise. Now more than ever we need your help in publishing the world’s leading scholarship. We’re working every day in Sage House to ensure the quality of our publications—the discovery, validation, communication, and preservation of reliable knowledge. We’ve increased our title output from 100 to 150 per year, our number of ebooks from 350 to 3,000, and published three new journals. Our existence relies on grants, subventions, and ancillary revenue streams.

Your support is one of those streams.

With your support on Giving Day, we will inspire future generations of scholars—the next Anna Comstock, Linus Pauling, Frank Rhodes, Carl Sagan, Barbara Kingsolver, Harold Bloom, Francis Fukuyama or A.R. Ammons. With your support on Giving Day, we will publish more books from first-time authors. With your support on Giving Day, we will help associate professors receive tenure through publication. With your support on Giving Day, we will digitize even more of our incredible backlist of 6,000 books ensuring more people have access to the words of our amazing authors.

Your support will keep us sustainable for another 150 years.

Give the gift of knowledge to the world.

Andrew Dickson White envisioned a press that would serve as an “intellectual organ” dedicated to the diffusion of knowledge. Our 150-year history is one of the most important stories in American publishing. It has always been about quality, inclusion, discovery and dissemination. We are able to establish true global access and discovery through open access.

Let’s Change the World