Announcing a New Initiative: Preorder Specials

We’ve been learning so much from you all about which of our books you love, what we can do better, how you like to buy them, and much more. And with all that new knowledge, we decided that we want to make it easier and better for you to order our about-to-be-published books direct from us.

So, starting right now you can preorder our new books that are publishing in May, June, and July of this year for 50% off the retail price.* The special price only lasts until the book is published. Moving forward, right here on this blog, each month we’ll release the list of books that can be preordered at the special price using the special code.

Visit our website, choose your books from the list below, and enter the right code in your shopping cart. It’s that simple. You’ll receive the book shortly after it arrives in our warehouse. So, not only will you get a great deal, but you’ll also be one of the cool kids on the block because you’ll have the book sooner than most!


Preorder the following books before April 1, 2019, using 09PREMAY19 in your shopping cart:

Hope and History, by William J. vanden Heuvel; No Longer Newsworthy, by Christopher R. Martin; Earth Emotions, by Glenn A. Albrecht; A Fiery Gospel, by Richard M. Gamble; Small Arms, by Mia Bloom with John Horgan; The Sexual Economy of War, by Andrew Byers; Arc of Containment, by Wen-Qing Ngoei; Courting Sanctity, by Sean L. Field; Alfonso X, the Justinian of His Age, by Joseph F. O’Callaghan; The Democracy Development Machine, by Nicholas Copeland; Mercenaries and Missionaries, by Brandon Vaidyanathan; The Politics of Social Inclusion and Labor Representation, by Heather Connolly, Stefania Marino, and Miguel Martinez Lucio; Nature Rx, by Donald A. Rakow and Gregory T. Eells; A Field in Flux, by Robert B. McKersie


Preorder the following books before May 1, 2019, using 09PREJUN19 in your shopping cart:

The Dark Sides of Empathy, by Fritz Breithaupt; Quarters, by John Gilbert McCurdy; When the Movies Mattered, edited by Jonathan Kirshner and Jon Lewis; Voices from the Edge, by Jeff Sahadeo; Victory’s Shadow, by Thomas W. Barton; To Shape Our World For Good, by C. William Walldorf, Jr.; The Credibility Challenge, by Inken von Borzykowski; Gender, War, and World Order, by Richard C. Eichenberg; Poppies, Politics, and Power, by James Tharin Bradford; Narkomania, by Jennifer J. Carroll; Enlightenment and the Gasping City, by Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko; The Racial Politics of Division, by Monika Gosin; The Next Frontier of Restaurant Management, edited by Alex M. Susskind and Mark Maynard; Speaking Out in Vietnam, by Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet


Preorder the following books before June 1, 2019, using 09PREJUL19 in your shopping cart:

Architects, by Thomas Yarrow; Statecraft by Stealth, by Steven B. Wagner; Rethinking Diabetes, by Emily Mendenhall; Salvaging Community, by Michael Touchton and Amanda J. Ashley; Sovereignty Experiments, by Alyssa M. Park


* 50% off the retail price listed on the website. Shipping and tax not included.
Announcing a New Initiative: Preorder Specials