Celebrating Our Cornell University Authors

As Commencement Weekend (May 22–24) fast approaches, it seems an opportune time to highlight some recent books whose authors and editors teach at Cornell University. The range of topics represented in this selection of books by Cornell professors published by the Press since 2013 (and forthcoming in Fall 2015) provides a glimpse of the broad scope of both our list and the university’s curriculum:

Mobilizing against Inequality: Unions, Immigrant Workers, and the Crisis of Capitalism, edited by Lee H. Adler (ILR School), Maite Tapia, and Lowell Turner (ILR School)

Cornell: A History, 1940–2015 by Glenn C. Altschuler (American Studies) and Isaac Kramnick (Government)

Introductory Food Chemistry by John W. Brady (Food Science)

Empire of Language: Toward a Critique of (Post)colonial Expression by Laurent Dubreuil (Romance Studies) 

The American Way of Bombing: Changing Ethical and Legal Norms, from Flying Fortresses to Drones, edited by Matthew Evangelista (Government) and Henry Shue

Insurgency Trap: Labor Politics in Postsocialist China by Eli Friedman (ILR School)

An Introduction to Labor Law, Third Edition by Michael Evan Gold (ILR School)

The Great Wall of Money: Power and Politics in China’s International Monetary Relations, edited by Eric Helleiner and Jonathan Kirshner (Government)

The Fleeting Promise of Art: Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory Revisited by Peter Uwe Hohendahl (German Studies)

A Scrap of Paper: Breaking and Making International Law during the Great War by Isabel V. Hull (History)

Labor Relations in a Globalizing World by Harry C. Katz (ILR School), Thomas A. Kochan, and Alexander J. S. Colvin (ILR School)

American Power after the Financial Crisis by Jonathan Kirshner (Government)

History, Literature, Critical Theory by Dominick LaCapra (History)

Brothers in Arms: Chinese Aid to the Khmer Rouge, 1975–1979 by Andrew Mertha (Government)

Hear My Sad Story: The True Tales That Inspired “Stagolee,” “John Henry,” and Other Traditional American Folk Songs by Richard Polenberg (History)

The Law of Kinship: Anthropology, Psychoanalysis, and the Family in France by Camille Robcis (History)

War, States, and Contention: A Comparative Historical Study by Sidney Tarrow (Government)

Agricultural Product Prices, Fifth Edition by William G. Tomek (Applied Economics and Management) and Harry M. Kaiser  (Applied Economics and Management)

Celebrating Our Cornell University Authors