New releases

Recent arrivals in our warehouse include:

Becoming Muslim in Imperial Russia: Conversion, Apostasy, and Literacy by Agnès Nilüfer Kefeli
Watch Your Back!: How the Back Pain Industry Is Costing Us More and Giving Us Less—and What You Can Do to Inform and Empower Yourself in Seeking Treatment by Richard A. Deyo, MD
The Great Wall of Money: Power and Politics in China’s International Monetary Relations, edited by Eric Helleiner and Jonathan Kirshner
American Power after the Financial Crisis by Jonathan Kirshner
Dictators at War and Peace by Jessica L. P. Weeks
For Fear of an Elective King: George Washington and the Presidential Title Controversy of 1789 by Kathleen Bartoloni-Tuazon
The Space That Remains: Reading Latin Poetry in Late Antiquity by Aaron Pelttari
Labor Guide to Labor Law, Fifth Edition by Bruce S. Feldacker and Michael J. Hayes
Cornell: A History, 1940–2015 by Glenn C. Altschuler and Isaac Kramnick
Dangerous Guests: Enemy Captives and Revolutionary Communities during the War for Independence by Ken Miller
Shakespeare’s Medieval Craft: Remnants of the Mysteries on the London Stage by Kurt A. Schreyer
The Devil: A New Biography by Philip C. Almond
The American Way of Bombing: Changing Ethical and Legal Norms, from Flying Fortresses to Drones, edited by Matthew Evangelista and Henry Shue
Constructive Illusions: Misperceiving the Origins of International Cooperation by Eric Grynaviski
Brotherly Love: Freemasonry and Male Friendship in Enlightenment France by Kenneth Loiselle
The Government Next Door: Neighborhood Politics in Urban China by Luigi Tomba
Black Vienna: The Radical Right in the Red City, 1918–1938 by Janek Wasserman
Minor Aesthetics: The Photographic Work of Marcel Mariën by Mieke Bleyen
Composing under the Skin: The Music-making Body at the Composer’s Desk by Paul Craenen
Mass Theatre in Inter-War Europe: Flanders and the Netherlands in an International Perspective, edited by Thomas Crombez and Luk Van den Dries
Kinshasa: Tales of the Invisible City by Filip De Boeck, photographs by Marie-Françoise Plissart
The French Comics Theory Reader, edited by Ann Miller and Bart Beaty
Jan Dibbets, The Photographic Work by Erik Verhagen

New releases