Under the Surface on YouTube and CSPAN

Tom Wilber, author of Under the Surface: Fracking, Fortunes, and the Fate of the Marcellus Shale appeared on C-SPAN, which broadcast his panel discussion on fracking at the Annapolis Book Festival. Watch the coverage here.

Also, video excerpts of Under the Surface, Tom Wilber’s book chronicling the multifaceted aspects of shale gas development in New York and Pennsylvania, are available for viewing on the Cornell University Press YouTube channel.

Under the Surface, released by Cornell University Press in 2012, was the first book-length journalistic record of the rush to develop the Marcellus Shale using the unconventional and controversial technique of high volume hydraulic fracking. Wilber’s effort was selected as a finalist for New York Public Library’s 2013 Helen Bernstein Book Award for excellence in journalism.

Wilber wrote the book using a narrative style woven with exposition to tell a story from many perspectives that is both technically complex and personally compelling. Transferring that approach to You Tube – a medium suited best for short video clips – required teasing apart different themes braided throughout the story, and condensing each into a three to five minute clip. Each clip, read by Wilber, suggests a unique aspect of the broader narrative, including the social forces that led to a drilling moratorium in New York in 2008, the technical aspects of fracking, various social and economic consequences, and glimpses of personal story lines of affected stakeholders which, ultimately, is everybody.

The project was directed by Allan Miller through his agency, The Music Project for Television. Miller has produced and directed more than 35 films and television programs around the world. He won an Academy Award for best Feature Length Documentary for his 1979 film From Mao to Mozart – Isaac Stern in China, and in 1975 for The Bolero, best short feature, with Zubin Mehta and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Miller, a resident of Manhattan, became interested in fracking when he learned of the potential regional and global impacts of Marcellus Shale development and the broader on-shore drilling boom.

Under the Surface on YouTube and CSPAN