New releases

Recent arrivals in our warehouse include:

Francis of Assisi: The Life by Augustine Thompson O.P.
Writing History for the King: Henry II and the Politics of Vernacular Historiography by Charity Urbanski
Cleaning Up: How Hospital Outsourcing Is Hurting Workers and Endangering Patients by Dan Zuberi
Scrambling for Africa: AIDS, Expertise, and the Rise of American Global Health Science by Johanna Tayloe Crane
The Building of Cities: Development and Conflict by Harvey H. Kaiser
All Good Books Are Catholic Books: Print Culture, Censorship, and Modernity in Twentieth-Century America by Una M. Cadegan
Everyday Life in the North Korean Revolution, 1945–1950 by Suzy Kim
Armed with Expertise: The Militarization of American Social Research during the Cold War by Joy Rohde

New releases