Two Library Journal reviews

Queen of Vaudeville: The Story of Eva Tanguay by Andrew L. Erdman
“Erdman has captured the radiant essence of a woman from a bygone era—wholly of her time, yet curiously modern—and her complex personality jumps from the page. Combining detailed historical research with a deftly entertaining writing style, this book will be of interest to anyone in theater history, women in entertainment, and cultural history.”—Library Journal (starred review)

Anglo-Saxon Art by Leslie Webster
“Webster has a smooth narrative voice as she describes imagery (e.g., zoomorphic carved decorations and the Bayeux Tapestry), cites literature (Beowulf), and explains the religious and secular importance of the era’s styles. She skillfully recounts the influence of courts, churches, and conquests, and concludes with a reflection of Anglo-Saxon art’s place in modern culture from the Celtic Revival to the politics of the antiquities trade. The rich images of exemplary items come from the British Museum and British Library collections. . . . An engaging, well-documented discussion of color, line, technique, material, themes, and influences (both political and ecclesiastical) with high-resolution color photographs of rare artifacts. A gem.”—Library Journal (starred review)

Two Library Journal reviews