Meeting the Demands of Reason in the TLS and Foreign Affairs

Archie Brown reviewed Meeting the Demands of Reason: The Life and Thought of Andrei Sakharov by Jay Bergman in the April 30 issue of the Times Literary Supplement. Here’s an extract:

“While dwelling on the development of Sakharov’s ideas, including their gradual radicalization, Bergman also pays attention to his life as a physicist of great distinction. . . . Jay Bergman has produced a fitting tribute to a scientist and political activist whose commitment to the defense of individual rights was marked by great constancy of purpose, heroic stubbornness, and true grit.”

In the May/June issue of Foreign Affairs, Robert Legvold wrote:

“Bergman introduces a figure who transcends Russian history. Sakharov’s faith in reason, originally limited to the sphere of nuclear weapons, gradually acquired a moral sensibility stirred by the ethical implications of testing these weapons in the atmosphere, a step that led to a far more profound concern with the whole sphere of human rights. Bergman opens Sakharov’s mind to the reader and illustrates how Sakharov bonded reason with ethics and applied ideas not only to an astonishing range of technical scientific subjects but also, ultimately, to matters of human freedom and world peace.”

Meeting the Demands of Reason in the TLS and Foreign Affairs