New Releases

Recent arrivals in our warehouse include:

Protection by Persuasion: International Cooperation in the Refugee Regime by Alexander Betts
Spartak Moscow: A History of the People’s Team in the Workers’ State by Robert Edelman
From Ruins to Reconstruction: Urban Identity in Soviet Sevastopol after World War II by Karl D. Qualls
Stories of the Soviet Experience: Memoirs, Diaries, Dreams by Irina Paperno
A Bird-Finding Guide to Costa Rica by Barrett Lawson
Globalizing in Hard Times: The Politics of Banking-Sector Opening in the Emerging World by Leonardo Martinez-Diaz
The Old Faith and the Russian Land: A Historical Ethnography of Ethics in the Urals by Douglas Rogers
The Vanishing Physician-Scientist?, edited by Andrew I. Schafer, MD
From Predators to Icons: Exposing the Myth of the Business Hero by Michel Villette and Catherine Vuillermot
Slavophile Empire: Imperial Russia’s Illiberal Path by Laura Engelstein
The Eccentric Realist: Henry Kissinger and the Shaping of American Foreign Policy by Mario Del Pero
Caribbean Middlebrow: Leisure Culture and the Middle Class by Belinda Edmondson
Women and Aristocratic Culture in the Carolingian World by Valerie L. Garver
Hired Hands or Human Resources?: Case Studies of HRM Programs and Practices in Early American Industry by Bruce E. Kaufman
An Outsider in the White House: Jimmy Carter, His Advisors, and the Making of American Foreign Policy by Betty Glad
Security in the West: Evolution of a Concept, edited by Giampiero Giacomello and R. Craig Nation
Becoming American under Fire: Irish Americans, African Americans, and the Politics of Citizenship during the Civil War Era by Christian G. Samito

New Releases