My Word! in the Times Higher Education Supplement

In the September 10, 2009, issue of The Times Higher Education Supplement, Kim Louise Walden discusses My Word!: Plagiarism and College Culture by Susan D. Blum:

“Blum’s study set out to uncover student values, attitudes and experiences. Four undergraduates at US higher education institutions were enlisted to conduct interviews with their contemporaries. Although the total number of participants was just 234, which is statistically insignificant in a country with more than 15 million undergraduates, the author makes no categorical claims but rather seeks to discern underlying issues that might throw light on a problem that haunts all of us working in education.

The student interviews were revealing. Testimonies recounted the whole gamut of experiences: from bandying around quotations via instant messaging and listing favourite quotes (without attribution) in Facebook profiles, to the routine and near-universal disregard for laws of copyright when downloading software, music and films. The research clearly indicates a disconnection between student attitudes to citation and conventions in the academic community.”

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My Word! in the Times Higher Education Supplement