Giambattista Vico

In The Philosophers’ Magazine, Giorgio Baruchello profiles Italy’s great philosopher Giambattista Vico. Read the profile here.
Please note that all the suggested readings associated with this article are available from Cornell University Press:
On the Most Ancient Wisdom of the Italians
On the Study Methods of our Time
The New Science

We also publish these texts by Vico:
On Humanistic Education
The Autobiography of Giambattista Vico

Our other titles in Vico studies include:

Giambattista Vico: Keys to the “New Science,” edited by Thora Ilin Bayer and Donald Philip Verene
Vico’s Uncanny Humanism: Reading the “New Science” between Modern and Postmodern by Sandra Rudnick Luft
Vico’s Science of Imagination by Donald Philip Verene

Giambattista Vico