New Releases

Recent arrivals in our warehouse include:

Building More Effective Unions, Second Edition by Paul F. Clark
Children Bound to Labor: The Pauper Apprentice System in Early America, edited by Ruth Wallis Herndon and John E. Murray
Networked Politics: Agency, Power, and Governance, edited by Miles Kahler
Citizen Bachelors: Manhood and the Creation of the United States by John Gilbert McCurdy
The Power Problem: How American Military Dominance Makes Us Less Safe, Less Prosperous, and Less Free by Christopher A. Preble
Agitate! Educate! Organize!: American Labor Posters by Lincoln Cushing and Timothy W. Drescher
Shakespeare’s Foreign Worlds: National and Transnational Identities in the Elizabethan Age by Carole Levin and John Watkins
State of Working America, 2008/2009 by Lawrence Mishel, Jared Bernstein, and Heidi Shierholz
History and Its Limits: Human, Animal, Violence by Dominick LaCapra
Border Games: Policing the U.S.–Mexico Divide, Second Edition by Peter Andreas
Kitchens, Smokehouses, and Privies: Outbuildings and the Architecture of Daily Life in the Eighteenth-Century Mid-Atlantic by Michael Olmert
Plutonium: A History of the World’s Most Dangerous Element by Jeremy Bernstein (new in paper)
From Newgate to Dannemora: The Rise of the Penitentiary in New York, 1796–1848 by W. David Lewis (new in paper)
Autobiography of a Farm Boy by Isaac Phillips Roberts (new in paper)
Frege in Perspective by Joan Weiner (new in paper)
Pioneer Prophetess: Jemima Wilkinson, the Publick Universal Friend by Herbert A. Wisbey Jr. (new in paper)

New Releases