Nature of the Rainforest and Defiant Dads in Library Journal

Excerpts from reviews in the February 2009 Library Journal

“Three new reflective essays on the history, ecology, and future existence of certain rainforests . . . express Forsyth’s desire to give readers his sense of admiration and compassion for these relatively unknown ecosystems. While Forsyth’s easy-to-read prose definitely helps to deliver his message, it is by far the photographs from the renowned Fogdens that truly give readers reasons to appreciate these ecological treasures. . . . the photographers incorporate new sets of their spectacular and breathtaking images to create awareness and concern for these endangered rainforest ecosystems. Recommended for medium-sized to large public libraries and those with (introductory) natural history programs.”—Kyrille Goldbeck

Crowley (public policy, Rutgers Univ.) has written a thorough, evenhanded account of the fathers’ rights movement in the United States. To her credit, she conducted in-depth interviews with participants in these groups and observed them in action, as well as reviewed research studies. After reciting the history of such groups, the author analyzes their structure from a sociological perspective. In succeeding chapters, discussing child support laws, custody rules, and post-divorce family dynamics, she marshals statistics and anecdotes to address points made by fathers’ rights advocates. While critical of the groups’ political goals, which call for less state involvement in custody and child support, she defends their personal goal of more involvement by fathers with their children.”—Harry Charles

Nature of the Rainforest and Defiant Dads in Library Journal