Recent Releases

New arrivals in our warehouse include:

The Gloves-off Economy: Workplace Standards at the Bottom of America’s Labor Market, edited by Annette Bernhardt, Heather Boushey, Laura Dresser, and Chris Tilly

Urban Ants of North America and Europe: Identification, Biology, and Management by John Klotz, Laurel Hansen, Reiner Pospischil, and Michael Rust

Reforming the Moral Subject: Ethics and Sexuality in Central Europe, 1890–1930 by Tracie Matysik

The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Illustrated Dictionary of Orchid Genera by Peggy Alrich (Wesley Higgins, Bruce Hansen, Robert L. Dressler, Tom Sheehan, and John Atwood, eds.)

Living Autobiographically: How We Create Identity in Narrative by Paul John Eakin

Crisis as Catalyst: Asia’s Dynamic Political Economy, edited by Andrew MacIntyre, T. J. Pempel, and John Ravenhill

Recent Releases