Recent Releases

New arrivals in our warehouse include:

Transnational Tortillas: Race, Gender, and Shop-Floor Politics in Mexico and the United States by Carolina Bank Muñoz

Managing the Human Factor: The Early Years of Human Resource Management in American Industry by Bruce E. Kaufman

Telling Stories: The Use of Personal Narratives in the Social Sciences and History by Mary Jo Maynes, Jennifer L. Pierce, and Barbara Laslett

Heresy and the Politics of Community: The Jews of the Fatimid Caliphate by Marina Rustow

Securing Japan: Tokyo’s Grand Strategy and the Future of East Asia, With a New Preface (paperback) by Richard J. Samuels

Choose and Focus: Japanese Business Strategies for the 21st Century by Ulrike Schaede

The Order of Genocide: Race, Power, and War in Rwanda (paperback) by Scott Straus

Just Politics: Human Rights and the Foreign Policy of Great Powers by C. William Walldorf Jr.

The Punished Self: Surviving Slavery in the Colonial South (paperback) by Alex Bontemps

Surrealism and the Art of Crime by Jonathan P. Eburne

Sorry States: Apologies in International Politics by Jennifer Lind

Tearing Apart the Land: Islam and Legitimacy in Southern Thailand by Duncan McCargo

The New Masters of Capital: American Bond Rating Agencies and the Politics of Creditworthiness (paperback) by Timothy J. Sinclair

Recent Releases