Makdisi and Malloy in Library Journal

The April 15, 2008 Library Journal contained two glowing reviews of Cornell University Press books.

From their review of Artillery of Heaven: American Missionaries and the Failed Conversion of the Middle East by Ussama Makdisi

“Makdisi presents a dismple but remarkable story of the first Protestant missionaries to the Middle East. Makdisi is a skilled scholar equally comfortable with nuanced English and Arabic sources. Artillery of Heaven successfully refutes both the historical claims of American and Islamic ‘exceptionalism.'”

and Atomic Tragedy: Henry L. Stimson and the Decision to Use the Bomb against Japan by Sean L. Malloy:
(Starred Review)
“Despite his fervent belief in moral suasion, Henry L. Stimson succumbed to the allure of the atomic bomb—and all its attendant horros—when presented with the possibility that the terrible war could be concluded through its use, even though at the expense of civilian life. Malloy’s book presents us with an updated and exceedingly insightful assessment of the aging statesman. Highly recommended for all collections.”

Makdisi and Malloy in Library Journal