International Appeal of Michael Zweig’s Work

Conor McCabe at an Irish blog—Dublin Opinion—has an interesting series of posts about the applicability of Michael Zweig’s The Working Class Majority: America’s Best Kept Secret to the Irish case: “The American economist, Professor Michael Zweig, has written extensively, and with much clarity, on the issue of class and power. Zweig challenges the view that ‘consumer sovereignty’—the idea that ‘consumers rule the economy by expressing their desires for goods and services, which producers scramble to satisfy’—is somehow the great leveler in society; that consumption equals societal power.”

Class in Ireland: An Immodest Proposal
Michael Zweig, Class, Consumerism, and Ireland
Occupations in Ireland: A Class Analysis
Why Bother with Class Analysis?

If this discussion interests you, you may also wish to look at Michael Zweig’s edited collection What’s Class Got to Do with It?: American Society in the Twenty-first Century and New Working-Class Studies, edited by John Russo and Sherry Lee Linkon.

International Appeal of Michael Zweig’s Work